Business Analysis

Understanding your business needs to find solutions to your business and technology problems

Business analysis is the foundation for good IT design, planning and business-IT alignment. Lacking an understanding of the business need, it is virtually impossible to craft an appropriate solution.

Our team of business analysts can articulate your requirements in variety of contexts including a request for proposal (RFP), an internal software development, a business processes re-engineering project, or a broader effort to align project scopes with the business’s objectives.

How We can help

We can help you to better understand your requirements to make cost-effective and business aligned business and technology changes. The team at PricewaterhouseCoopers can help with:

  • RFP development, management and evaluation support: We can provide support through the entire procurement lifecycle. Using our 5 Pillar Business framework, we can accelerate your procurement by developing the business requirements and RFP requirements at the same time. And, through the use of our RFP templates, service catalogues and evaluation tools, we can help you set up a fair, and transparent vendor evaluation process.

  • Managing requirements throughout the systems development lifecycle: We help you to implement the governance, processes and tools required to successfully manage requirements for a systems development and implementation including initial requirements capture, requirements change management and traceability to testing and delivered functionality.

  • Project business alignment and scope review: With an understanding of your requirements, we can help you to understand how a project aligns with your overall business objectives and what capabilities are mandatory or optional to achieve your goals. We can help you better understand and capture the needs of your stakeholders to support system selection, business case development, business decisions and IT strategy development.

  • Business process modeling: Our trained business process modeling advisors can facilitate the timely and accurate capture of your current and future state business processes in the context of a business process automation, or business process re-engineering project leveraging industry process modeling standards such as UML or BPMN.

  • Business analysis training: We can help you improve the effectiveness of your organization’s business analysis capabilities. Our business analysis advisors can work with you to deliver a customized training program including hands-on application to an existing project. We can also coach your team on leading practices in light of recent trends. For instance, owing to mergers and a search for internal cost savings, many organizations are moving to consolidate and centralized their services — a situation that often gives rise to competing and conflicting requirements. How to resolve such conflicts in the context of building a service oriented / web services architecture is the topic of a recent course taught by professionals.

Contact us now to find out how we can help achieve your business’s goals.

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